Two men sit at a kitchen bench for a video shoot, with dining room in the background. One man is having his collar adjusted by a crew member, while another crew member is in the background. A light on a small tripod sits on the bench in front of the two men.

We had so much fun in the Murphy Homes display home in Aura filming an upcoming video. The video will showcase this beautifully designed home, which is built to Silver level standards. This means the home includes a range of options allowing people with varying needs to be more comfortable in their own homes.

Murphy Builders’ Director, Leigh Murphy (left, above), leads the industry with innovative designs to future proof your home for every stage of life.

Thanks to Aesop Media and Adrian Ramsay Design House for being part of this fantastic initiative!

A large bedroom with a queen size bed in the right of frame. An accessible ensuite is to the left of frame.