Granny flats are not what they used to be.

With our needs and wants in the built environment changing rapidly, the homeowner’s dream, of enjoying a refreshing drink on the back steps while admiring the freshly cut lawn of their quarter acre block, is now a fading memory.

Cost, culture and convenience are getting us thinking about new ways of living in the suburbs. We are now exploring concepts like “multigenerational living” with the humble granny flat front and centre by providing a solution for all the residents on the block to live more independently.

Though we call them “granny flats” this style of dwelling is suitable to many, from young adults who are terrified about trying to get into the property market, to people with a disability wanting to live more independently but still wanting to be in close proximity to family, and yes, the traditional inhabitants of the granny flat – the grannies (or grandpas to be completely PC).

In our Sunshine Coast region, you can build up to 60 m2 in a residential zone (for blocks over 600 m2) and 90 m2 on a rural lot. 

Before you think “It’s just going to look like a box in my backyard” you might want to take a look at what can be done in 60 m2…