You’ve been thinking about getting into your new home for months, possibly a lot longer, and now the day that you get the keys is coming up very soon.

You have a million things to think about, removalist, the bond clean, connecting the power, the gas bottles, mail redirects and…oh no…the NBN! The source of many a grey hair across the nation.

You have been invited by your builder to attend a pre-handover site meeting, AKA a PC (Practical Completion) meeting, “yes, sure I’ll be there” but…you’re excited about getting into your new home and perhaps not focused on checking the home thoroughly for any defects or omissions as perhaps you should be, or you don’t really know what you should be looking for anyway. 

You might also not fully understand your role pre-hand over or what is considered to meet industry standards for building work, or what is below industry standards. 

Maybe the build hasn’t been the smoothest and the relationship with your builder is a little, shall we say – strained. 


You’re more excited about seeing all the things you have imagined now in reality – your new home, the oven, the stone bench tops, the alfresco area But you’re also really nervous and apprehensive about handover. Your head is spinning. This can all amount to a really stressful and emotional time.

P2P Housing is here to help and can set your mind at ease during this difficult stressful stage.

As an independent third party we are less emotionally invested in your home and are specifically there representing you, focusing on the quality control of the final product. Making sure you get what you have paid for and making sure you got what was in the contract that you signed.

P2P Housing can assist you from the beginning of the build with a contract documentation review before you sign on the dotted line right through to handover and beyond. Including post-handover maintenance inspections during the defects liability period.  

We conduct two inspections prior to handover. A site meeting with you (if desired) and your building supervisor to identify any defects that need to be rectified prior to handover. Then a second inspection is carried out to ensure these items have been addressed to a satisfactory industry standard before you get the keys.

Providing an inspection report, tailored to your home, and working with your building supervisor throughout the process ensures a good outcome for all.