We are moving through strange and challenging times of necessary shutdowns and restrictions. We find ourselves having to adapt quite rapidly to find new ways of achieving what we still need to do, this includes home visits. 

So how do we come up with design solutions for a home modification in these difficult circumstances? We need to consider the OT’s site-specific recommendations to meet the needs of an individual person with a disability in a very customised case by case home environment, as usual. Except now we need to attempt this without visiting the home to take measurements. Naturally, that’s extremely tricky, near impossible.

However, in this challenging COVID-19 environment, there are things we all can do to continue to function and “get things done”. We just have to be smart and adapt to make sure everyone remains as safe as possible and minimise the risk. 

P2P Housing is adopting new measures when conducting home visits in relation to NDIS home modifications. We are following Queensland Health’s directive on Home Confinement, Movement and Gatherings. With that in mind, we need you, the homeowner, to help us to keep the people we support as safe as possible in these difficult times.

Pencils and measuring tape

The new measures and guidelines for home visits are:

  • only people living at the residence or your support teams can be present, 
  • follow social distancing measures. That means keeping a distance of 1.5 m between each other and conducting a “meeting without greeting” – no handshakes,  
  • P2P Housing staff have completed the reducing infection training by the Australian Department of Health. So lots of hand washing and sanitiser, conducting good hygiene practises in line with current Queensland Health advice before entering your home,
  • no more than 1 other external person (OT or Builder) will accompany P2P Housing staff while visiting your home, 
  • photographs and video will be used to capture as much site information as possible during the visit. This may reduce the need for future visits to your home but please let us know if this is something that is not suitable, 
  • providing existing drawings or plans (if available) of your home may reduce the time required on site to take measurements and collect vital information for your home modification,   
  • Zoom, conference calls, emails and other suitable remote ways of communication will be used after the initial home visit to minimise the possible need for additional home visits,
  • please alert P2P Housing staff to any health issue concerns or special measures that will need to be considered prior to any home visit,
  • in some instances, postponement of the home visit may be necessary until it is safe to do so, or updated recommendations issued from Queensland Health come into effect.  

If you would like to discuss any concerns you may have prior to us visiting your home, please get in touch with us. 

Looking forward to working together – stay safe.