Project Silver

Innovative, clever home building – designed for an enriched level of liveability – for now and into the future.

Why wouldn’t you?

Project Silver is an initiative of clever, innovative home design for people at any age or any stage for now and into the future. P2P and Murphy Homes have partnered to realise the vision of Livable Housing Australia (LHA) and we aim to lead the Australian construction industry in enabling new home buyers to choose a “Silver Level” home that meets specific design criteria for LHA accreditation.

We understand your needs

P2P is a not-for-profit organisation with over 20 years’ experience in the disability sector, helping families in South-East Queensland to get the support they need. To further that support we have launched P2P HOUSING. As independent housing consultants, we help with your needs in the built environment, driven by a passion for liveable housing and good design.

We understand the industry focus on the merits of universal design and we believe that it can make a vital difference to life for everyone – of all ages and abilities. Murphy Homes was established in 1975 as a family business building homes for other families. Their award winning reputation is based on integrity, respect and appreciating your aims and dreams for the ideal home.

We are proud to work together as partners in delivering the highest quality homes, custom designed for every client. We are committed to creating attractive homes that are ideally and cleverly designed, affordable and appropriate for everyone at any stage of life.

What does Silver Level mean?

LHA Silver Level homes have seven core elements, focusing on the key structural and spatial elements that ensure future flexibility and adaptability of your home. Building your home this way from the outset is cost effective and smart to address modifications that may be required over time. The small investment now could save you thousands in years to come.

Our Silver Level homes are cleverly designed to look and feel like your dream home. They provide high quality fixtures and finishes, but also have the benefit of inbuilt practical features that meet and exceed industry standards for people at any age, ability or stage of life. Silver Level homes feature wider doors and corridors, step-free paths of travel, and safe and easy to use bathrooms, all delivered with no compromise on quality or design. This creates an unrivalled freedom of movement and ultimately delivers a beautiful and valuable home that is simply just easy to live in. Everything for you and your family to enjoy your space now, but also adapt with you as life changes, all for a lot less than you would think.

LHA Silver Level homes give you “Access and Choices”.

Download the 7 LHA Guidelines here

Download the Project Silver brochure here

For more technical information, download the Livable Housing Design Guidelines from the LHA website:

Silver is for everyone – all ages, stages & abilities

Young families

The wider hallways and doors make life easier for manoeuvring prams, strollers and walkers, or carrying shopping, laundry and little people! Home will be safer too by removing trip hazards for tiny feet

Recovering from injury

We often don’t realise until faced with a temporary injury how it can make everyday activities at home much more challenging. Silver Level design can mean returning home sooner from hospital to recuperate in familiar surroundings, and easier recovery with greater circulation spaces and no steps, enabling you to still move around if your’e on crutches, in a wheelchair or using another aid.

Baby boomers

A few simple but well-designed improvements can mean living independently in your home for much longer. A hob-less shower, provision for installing handrails, and a step-free threshold all help to future-proof your home. Wider hallways and doorways make using mobility aids easier too.

Those who need greater accessibility

People living with disability encounter and navigate obstacles every day. Silver Level design provides people with mobility issues greater freedom of movement and all design features are subtle, efficient and uncompromising on design aesthetics.

Project Silver

To find out why Liveable Housing is for everyone take a look at our Project Silver video here (6 minutes), then drop in to a Murphy's display home in Aura or Harmony to find out why you shouldn't miss the opportunity to build a Silver Level home for your family.

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